Footprints Environmental Consultants offers a comprehensive range of services is the following technical disciplines:

We have the necessary mobile equipment to access tricky locations to gather the data required for your project.

Our mobile equipment includes:
  • 5.8m plate aluminium survey vessel equipped with state of the art navigation equipment, bathymetric profiling, real-time bed scanning and more.
  • 3.4m inflatable vessel for surveying/collecting samples in very shallow areas or locations where launch/retrieval of a larger vessel is not possible.
  • 2-person ATV equipped with rock/mud terrain tyres, recovery winch and optional poly-trailer for transportation of equipment.

Our remote data gathering abilities include:
  • deployment of unmanned aircraft
  • PIR motion-sensitive cameras
  • ANABAT detection
  • traditional methods of data collection such as Elliot Traps, Harp Traps, hair tubes and a variety of other standard traps.