Our project work takes us to a variety of sites and allows us the opportunity to assess a range of different ecosystems.

Examples of our Key Projects include:

  • Biodiversity and rehabilitation monitoring (BMA, AngloAmerican, Tarong Energy, Xstrata/Glencore)
  • Pre-clearing surveys for threatened species - Curtis Island to Calliope River (Santos/GLNG)
  • Marine megafauna surveys - Gladstone (Santos/GLNG)
  • Migratory bird monitoring - Gladstone (Santos/GLNG)
  • Ornamental snake research project - radio tracking, home range analysis, biometrics and venom toxicity (ACARP)
  • Endangered ecosystem and threatened species assessment, monitoring and management (Xstrata/Glencore, BMA)
  • Bathymetric surveys (E2 Design Lab, Tarong Energy)
  • Water Quality Monitoring/Sediment Surveys (E2 Design Lab, Tarong Energy, Santos/GLNG, AngloAmerican)